7:00 PM19:00

PUMP Long Beach

SynthLab at The Packard

Live experimental electronic sound performances by SynthLab:
7:30 Cannibalistic Caterpillar
8:00 Pablo Bert
8:30 Qrux
9:00 Jesse Nason
9:30 Rychard Cooper
10:00 Som Shankar
10:30 Faraday Cage
Visuals by univac

About PUMP:

Produced by FLOOD, the group that brought Long Beach Soundwalk and soundpedro, PUMP will be the first in a series of biennial events highlighting culture and creativity.

An array of exhibits, presentations, and performances will isolate or link our senses and ways of perceiving.

Striving to serve as a conduit, not only of local but also of regional and international expressions of imagination and artistic practice, our hope is to engender a sense of overlap and tension that will foster, within Long Beach's dynamic art scene, an ecology rich in influence and exchange.

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